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George Bogdan Pocovnicu

Rotterdam Law Firm and Legal Services

Avocat Pocovnicu George-BogdanMy name is George Bogdan Pocovnicu and I am a Romanian lawyer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. My main mission is to provide legal support to the Romanian community in the Netherlands for the legal problems that members of this community may encounter both in the Netherlands and in Romania.

At the same time, I am dedicated to providing legal expertise to Dutch clients, individuals or legal entities, for the legal situations they encounter in Romania. These activities include both consultancy and legal assistance and representation.

With over 23 years of experience in law in Romania and a member of the Bacău Bar since 2000, I believe that I can offer my clients a valuable synthesis of knowledge and legal practice. This experience allows me to approach your legal issues with professionalism and efficiency.

In September 2023, I registered with the Dutch Bar, pursuant to art. 16 lit. h of the Dutch Lawyers Act (Advocatenwet).

Our commitment
We are committed to providing you with high quality legal support tailored to your needs. In this sense, we collaborate with both Dutch and Romanian lawyers to ensure you the best legal solutions.

In accordance with Dutch law, we specify that the George Bogdan Pocovnicu Law Firm does not currently have a foundation for funds from third parties and, in this sense, cannot receive or manage funds from third parties. In the event that we find in our activity in the Netherlands that such a foundation is necessary, we will establish a foundation of funds for third parties.


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